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Solitary Horsemen .... Reflections on Life in Cyber-Space 

Solitary horsemen who longed to be free. 
Trapped in a world which only thought of we 

Yet he pushed on across the frontier. 

Forced once more to flee when the others came near 

Solitary horsemen today can be found. 
Trying to live while others hold him down 

The thinker, the lover, the creator of dreams. 
Hated and despised by society's schemes 

Solitary horsemen, a new world is coming 

A world which can no longer be controlled by the 'We' 

The 'we' cannot understand the creation of dreams and of loving. 

They march with their leaders, right into the sea 

Solitary horsemen, your time is at hand 

You run their systems and they, will never understand! 

Garthus 13 December 2000 

When you learn how computers and the Internet really work you will understand these 
words much better. Computer systems are getting so complicated today that most people 
who run organizations including the government; are beginning to depend more and more 
upon those creative individuals whom they have traditionally despised. Pandora's box has 
been opened and there is no turning back. 


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